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Dec 16, 2017

So ready to be in the tropics! Watching your journey.


I need the courage to do what yall are doing. Watching carbonnation gives me hope!

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  • RA
    Aug 15, 2018

    to be in tune with nature to separate from the cancer to be a better immune cell to live in abundance to live free not just free ranged free mentally to prove "I love mycellf" to not fuel the cancer to not be near people actively involved in their demons to not live in a box that restricts your energy  to really live life to be closer to the sun to be in an environment made for humans to live in. to only eat the fruits and greens  to not be tempted by the brainwashing to ensure your path into the kingdom of god  to know thycellf need I say more. im in high school right now in west michigan and my first move after high school is going to the tropics. I wish I could move sooner to escape this last year of brainwashing. but I hope to get their before the crisis. peace reflection, I love mycellf
  • teguin colins
    May 1, 2018

    now at this moment of my life (light ) i am facing my demon (family ) how to handle this. i can not make like i don't know anything, my eyes is opened. my astrology programme is turning .
  • Shaheed Ali
    Feb 6, 2018

    Peace reflections of "Carbon Nation" I'm honored to witness your growth and blossoming into butterflies in the tropics, know that InI am there with you all in spirit. Despite all the negativity, you all are still loved by many. You guys took that bold step that most would love to take, but maybe stuck in Babylon due to J.O.B.s, Careers, College and or Family etc... But the more you all post and Go Live, you all will continue to be the motivating fuel that will spark, "Through Universal Law of Attraction" like-minded people to Exodus out of Babylon. Your pure hearts and spirits via "Divine Downloads" will Insha'Allah <> God-Willing be a guide and a beacon of <Nur> Light for those of us in the darkness of Babylon. I see a Carbon Nation Resort for Learning & Healing, "Only for those who will be of the same frequency". My spirit tells me that that I will be there with you all, for I have seen it in my dream. I think that other reflections should envision themselves in the tropics, breathe it, hear it and feel it in every fiber of their being. It will surely manifest. Amen<>Ameen<>Ase' Peace Love & Light Reflections of Carbon Nation.
The Holy Trinity (Darkness, Light & Energy) - Rambo
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